Fender Katsalidis brings its distinctive design to Ivanhoe’s newest address

Inspired by the rich history of the surrounding area, Hallmark Ivanhoe’s monolithic exterior boasts a timeless appeal of travertine and bronze, making it a worthy addition to the suburbs prominent arts and craft architecture.

Featuring a unique verticality that rises up from street level and peels away, Hallmark Ivanhoe’s vertical elements act as a detailed framing device, capturing the picturesque views of Ivanhoe’s lush parklands, with views extending towards a backdrop of glimmering city lights.

A delicate bronze finish lines the top level of Hallmark’s exterior, providing a beautiful contrast to the simplicity of the classical stone base, while plants cascade over planter boxes to create a softened and private retreat for residents.

“Hallmark does not try to replicate or be similar to the diverse types of architecture in Ivanhoe; it stands proudly in its own presence."


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    Private entry to ground level units
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    Generous outdoor living
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    Full sized windows providing abundance of natural light to living area
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    Beautiful stone finish
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    Trimmed in luxurious bronze finish